Thursday, June 4, 2009

Of Books, Boudin, and Sousaphones

Starting off Day 4 and the food is beginning to take its toll, so I was plenty happy to have a light breakfast at Croissant D’or, a bakery only two blocks from out Bourbon Street digs. I had a cheese Danish, which was soft and flaky, but a little light on the cheese, and a cup of coffee. The coffee was great, but it came in this massively wide cup and I felt like it should have had handles on both sides. 

Then it was off to do a little shopping and put some Lightning Bug’s Lair flyers around town. That’s right, folks, it might be a vacation but there’s plenty of time to be a shill for myself.  So I found a few bulletin boards and a few stores to drop some in, then we went by a couple of the used book stores. I picked up a Mickey Spillane that is one of the few I need to finish off my set, an anthology of horror tales, a reprint of the shooting script for Dracula with a Bela Lugosi forward, and a great book of interviews between Hitchcock and François Truffaut that covers all of Hitch’s films. (So Lair readers be prepared for some thrillers in the near future.) We also stopped by the Louisiana Music Factory, the best place in the city if you want any NOLA tunes, and I even got a tip on a NOLA film there called Hot Thrills, Warm Chills so you can expect to see that reviewed sometime soon. 

After hooking up with a couple of my parent’s friends, we headed out to lunch which was once again The Green Goddess. I can’t say enough nice things about this place. They had a daily special of Crawfish Etouffee over Boudin Sausage Patties. It was incredible and every bit as good as the last meal I had there. Sadly, there is too much great stuff to eat here and that will likely be my last trip for the year. If you get to New Orleans look them up. Admittedly, the Goddess is a trifle limited on seating, but being back on Exchange Alley (which runs Conti and Bienville Streets) there is open an open seat outside if nothing else. It’s a great place to explore food and explore flavors. Tell them the Bugg sent you and confuse the hell outta them. 

After a hearty lunch, it was time to go down to the corner launderette (or Launderteria as they say here) to get some washing done. I know it’s not thrilling, but hey, it had to be done. Once we had out duds out of the suds, we headed out to Lafayette Square out in the Business District of the Downtown Area. Every Wednesday they have music on the square and we went down there to see Paul Sanchez, formally of Cowboy Mouth. Now I don’t know what the deal was, but instead Trombone Shorty was performing with his band. They were fine, and the Abita Ambers that I was in taking it made it all the better. Music on the Square is some good cheap entertainment that many tourists don’t know about, so if you’re down here, pick up a paper to check to see who’s playing or just take a chance on making the walk out of the Quarter. 

Then it was all the way back across town to Frenchman Street to check out The Tin Men at D.B.A. The Tin Men was touted as being the world’s greatest washboard, sousaphone, guitar trio, and I dare say from scarcity alone they will take that honor. It was a funky little band and I have to give it up for Washboard Chaz who was obviously a master of the instrument. After their set, it was time for a light dinner, and we swung by Mona Lisa’s and I made a light dinner of Spinach and Artichoke Dip which was way too much for one person to eat. 

It was a busy day, and I’m kind of pooped so I think I’ll leave it at that. See you folks all tomorrow. 

Yours Truly, 
T.L. Bugg  

As your bonus filming location, here's the Cornstalk Fence Hotel where Charles Bronson escaped from the bad guys in Violent City. 

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